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Best iOS Games Of The Decade

Best games of the decade


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So another year just passed and iOS devices becoming more and more powerful so today in awsmimage we will be counting down to the best iOS games of this decade.

Our ranking will be based on gameplay graphics reviews by users and user base. So let’s get started


Minecraft is probably the only game in today’s list that is ranked #1 paid apps in most regions of the AppStore for years. This alone is an very accomplishment for any app in the AppStore. Now let’s see what this game is about and why it is so popular

Minecraft on AppStore cost nearly $6 and is available for iPod touch iPhone and iPad. On AppStore the version of Minecraft that is available is called Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a tear down version of Minecraft Bedrock Edison that is available on PC. It’s nearly identical to its PC counterpart with only slight changes that don’t change its gameplay anyways so buying Minecraft On mobile rather than buying it on PC for $15+ is actually a good investment to do if you wanted to save some money.

Now let’s talk about Minecraft addictive gameplay. Minecraft is a sandbox. Sandbox means you can create anything in game or destroy stuff. In Minecraft players can create anything they want anywhere they want. And the possibility or ways to play Minecraft is endless. It’s probably the only game that ends when you want it to end otherwise you can play it for hours continuously and there is always something new to explore to create as game community is growing and evolving minecraft in new ways opening new possibilities of how one can play it.



Many people debate is terraria 2D Minecraft? Well let’s see terraria and Minecraft both are similar in many ways both got procedurally generated open worlds both games are sandbox with limitless possibilities and ways to play and also both got its own very big active community. So we can see that Minecraft and terraria both share similar features for their success on AppStore the only major key differences between both games is that Minecraft is in 3D and you can play in both first person and third person perspectives on the other had terraria is in 2D and is kind of side scroller.

Let’s see what Terraria has extra things to offer and how you can play it

Terraria is available on AppStore for $5 which is $1 less than Minecraft price. Terraria is available on iPhone iPad iPod Xbox PS4 PC and android . But unlike Minecraft where to make servers to play with your friends online you might have to pay money for the servers in terraria it’s free. There tons of mods and apps available using which you can host your very own free terraria servers and play with your friends anywhere anytime.

Not only this but terraria community is also very strong with frequent updates coming from developers and game is evolving over time like Minecraft.

So you have to decide who’s team you are on team Minecraft or team terraria.

Rockstar Games

Now let’s talk about rockstar games. Currently whole rockstar games bundle you can buy off AppStore for $25. The bundle comes with following games GTA 3, GTA Vice City , GTA San Andreas , GTA liberty City Stories, GTA China Town Wars , Max Payne and Bully . All these games are direct port of their console and PC counterparts upgraded visuals. On iOS version of game FPS is locked to 60 and lots of old texture are upscaled and updated. So for just $25 you will be getting some of the best games rockstar has to offer with updated visuals so it’s a very good deal if you are into these games. All these games were ranked very high and is loved by most of the people who like playing open world games.

Currently all games require tour device to be on iOS 9.3.5 or above to play so you can play on your old device too.

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