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Best Utility Apps For iOS

Utility apps


So today let’s talk about best editing apps that are currently available on iOS. Most of the apps we are going to today are going to be paid ones as it seems like only paid editing apps provide full features for complete edits without in app advertisements so let’s get started

Lumafusion and Luma FX

Lumafusion and luma FX are some of the most premium but most popular options to choose from if you wanted a full fledged video editor app on your iPhone or iPad. This app is a port of popular video editing software for PC with same name. It cost $30 on AppStore for Lumafusion and additional $2 if you wanted to buy Luma FX. You can only purchase Lumafusion and use it without Luma FX if you are not in Video FX editing and wanted to save some money.

Key Features Of Lumafusion

Got all Features Present in its PC counterpart

Allow 1080p 60 FPS Video Import

Cute Cut Pro

Cute cut pro is another full fledge video editor app that is available on iOS. It’s only 86 MB in size and is available for cheap price of $4.99. It is go to version if you looking for good video editing app at a cheaper price. If you compare this with premium video editing apps like Lumafusion then you will see that cute cut pro provide almost all key feature that Lumafusion has to offer at a very cheaper price. It’s easy to use and understand for beginners and is perfect for you if you just started content creation. It allows 1080p 60 FPS video export can add upto seven different layers of video text song or image and can also be used to do some simple animation.

Overall we can say this as lite version of Lumafusion but I still prefer people to learn how to use Lumafusion as it got way more features than cute cut pro.


Pixomatic is a simple drag and drop type image editor that is available for both iPhone and iPad for only $4.99. Pixomatic is loved and is used by many content creator because of its very simple drag and drop interface and also because it’s cheap. Using pixomatic you can make awesome thumbnails banners header or pfp with ease.

Key features

Easy drag and drop interface

Lots of different customisations option

Easy to learn and use for beginners

Very cheap only cost $4.99

Rare Vision VHS Retro 80s Camera

This is another video editor app that is becoming immensely popular on AppStore because of its 80s themed template that you can use to edit your video and make it look like 80s VHS tape.

Main reason why this app became immensely popular on AppStore is that many popular celebrities like Snoop dog , Kendall Jenner , Khole Kardishian etc used it in their videos. It is also featured on multiple tv shows and game shows causing this app that only comes with one template rank in top 5 in AppStore. App cost only $2 so making it affordable for most of the people it’s available for both iPhone and iPad.

The app is published and developed by rare vision and is top ranked app on AppStore thanks to immense publicity done by celebrities.

Procreate And Procreate Pocket

Procreate is probably one of the most popular drawing app that is available on iOS. There two versions of these app available Procreate that cost $10 is version for iPad with comes with lots of extra features and second version is for iPhone and iPod named Procreate Pocket it only cost $4.99 on AppStore but got some feature missing but still it’s ranked as top paid drawing app for iOS.

Key Features

A very powerful graphic designer for iPad and iPhone comes with lots of brushes and tools that allows you to create your next big idea on go.

Vizzy 4K

Vizzy 4K is another video editor app that is similar to cute cut pro only key difference is that it cost $100 on AppStore making it the most premium video editor app that you can buy on AppStore additional to that it also got option for to edit videos at 4K 30 FPS making it first 4K video editor available on AppStore. Now here the thing because of which this editor is not that popular unlike others we mentioned today the app cost $100 and even if someone buys it they can’t shoot videos at 4K using current iPhone camera. So even if you buy it you need to download 4K videos via various sources in order to use this editor to do edits in 4K. So buying this app is not a wise choice though this is only 4K video editor that is available on AppStore so we though its worth mentioning in our list.

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