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Editing And Educational Apps For iPhone and iPad

Best Educational Apps For Students

So as usual applist will be given in pictures below on this post I will be talking about some of the apps listed below. Today we will be covering most of the educational apps and some editing apps that are made for students and can be used by school students or university students. So let’s start


Notability is an excellent note making app that is available on both iPhone and iPad. This app has very easy to use interface and give some of the most advanced tools that is available only on some very advanced note making app. This app can be used by both School Students or University Students to help them in their studies. Using this students can make excellent visually appealing notes using just their iPad or iPhones. This is one of the top rated note making app for students on AppStore. And this is must have app for you if you are going to study on your iPad or iPhone.

GoodNotes 5

Goodnotes 5 is another excellent note taking app that will help school and university students in making notes on their iPhone or iPad. Some of the key feature it has are easy to use interface support for Apple Pencil and fluid interface. It’s best for making small notes on go for students. It comes with lots of customisable options pens covers and overlays to make your notes as attractive as it can.

So as a student which note taking app to choose?

With my personal experience I would say use both Goodnotes 5 and notability together. Goodnotes 5 is good app if you wanted to organise your notes in a notebook like format. And notability is good if you wanted to make attractive mini notes or large notes with lots of text images or different colours.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is another good app for students. This app helps students to mange their study schedule if they face issues managing it . App got easy to use interface and using it you can manage your schedule for studies assignments and exams. Overall this app is best for those students who are lazy but wanted to change themselves. By sticking to plans made in iStudiez Pro app they can definitely improve their grades in school or university. And enjoy a much active and good life. iStudiez Pro used to be $5 on AppStore but now it’s available for free . This is probably the only app we covering today that is available for free but also is one of the best in its field. So what are you waiting for download it right now and change yourself.


Lumafusion is a well know editing app that is available on AppStore for $30. This is most popular among content creators as it allows you to make studio like edits via your iPhone or iPad. Some key feature of this app : you can add multiple layers of audio videos and overlays . Is easy to use. Allows video export upto 4K quality at 30 FPS. 60 FPS Export also available at 1080 P .

So here I have listed 3 best apps I used in my school that helped me a lot with my studies and editing work. Hope it helps you too with your studies. I hope to see you all in my next app review till then bye bye and have a great day

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