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Loon Setup For PicsArt Gold

Loon setup for PicsArt gold


Hello so in this post I will be explaining how to setup loon app to get PicsArt Gold membership. To start with first you need an app named loon the loon app is an vpn proxy app that cost $4.99 on AppStore but later in this post I will be showing you how you can get loon app using our shared Apple ID. So how this method work? This method is very simple to use first you add our server configuration file in loon app and configure its settings. This will help loon vpn proxy app to connect with our secure servers. Once your connected with our servers you can just install latest version of PicsArt from AppStore and start using its gold subscriptions it’s that easy.

About PicsArt Gold Membership

PicsArt gold membership is a pay to use service that gives you access to all tools stickers templates and more things that PicsArt has to offer. With PicsArt gold membership you can enjoy your PicsArt editing ad free with over 1000+ templates and overlays to choose from . Also you will be joining the biggest community of creators over 900 million people who became PicsArt gold member so far. PicsArt gold membership cost about $5 per month and it’s equivalent in other countries which you can buy directly from PicsArt website alternatively you can get PicsArt gold membership by using loon app and configuration files we give you to connect with our servers having PicsArt gold membership.

Setup Guide

Make sure you have latest version of PicsArt app installed from the AppStore you have to install it using your own Apple ID . If you don’t have latest version of PicsArt installed then install it right now using your own Apple ID. Second thing to note is make sure you don’t have active PicsArt subscriptions or girls on your Apple ID. Once you have checked both things mentioned above then follow the following steps

Step #1


Now once you have latest version of PicsArt on your device logout from your own Apple ID by going to AppStore and clicking on Signout. Then login with our Apple ID given below once logged in go to purchase section from there switch between family members to get loon app. Steps showing how to do it is in picture given below. Once downloaded loon app you can logout from our Apple ID and sign in back to your own personal Apple ID.

Step #3

Copy the link given below and paste it on download from url section of the loon app steps on how to do shown below . To do open loon app click on profile then find download from url option and paste script there. 

Step #4

in Profile Tab > MITM > Certificate Manager > Install CA ( if not installed)

>> Do not choose Generate A New CA.

>> If the Certificate Manager is showing “Fake IAP” > it is good.

After installing go to settings app click on profile downloaded and install its profile

Now again in settings app go to about > Trust Certificate > And Turn on CA

Step #5

Choose Rule Base Proxy. (important, if not. script won’t work)

Also make sure mitm is on


Once everything is done recheck if you did all steps mentioned above. Also make sure if brave app and its activated ( to activate brave app just make 4-5 random search on it. It’s like safari browser)

Turn on loon vpn open PicsArt app make sure you are sign into PicsArt app via email or Facebook and boom you are PicsArt gold member.

Whenever you need PicsArt gold features just turn on loon vpn and use it and whenever you don’t need it turn vpn off. Make sure not to DELETE BRAVE APP AND LOON APP.

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