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What is CRM? And What Are Best CRM Companies

CRM stands for customer relationship management tool. This is the tool that is used by many big companies to provide customer support and to know more about their interest on their products. If your company has a professional customer relationship management system in place then it’s easier for you to provide quality support to your customer gain their trust and to also sell the more goods and services easily and fast.

CRM stores information of customer like their name details purchase pattern etc. this help companies to plan accordingly and control supply of their products. If you as who benefits from CRM system then the answer is everyone benefits from it if it’s in place customer gets a quality support and services sales person find it’s easy to do his work as most of the work is done automatically and companies gets customers data to make next sales and marketing strategies.

A Working CRM system has three important parts they are


CRM Solution is refereed to various ways by which customer data is collected and their choice and interest in certain products and services is know. This channels maybe via calling emailing text msg or though campaigns.


CRM Software provides your sales and marketing team with set of tools using which they can do their job more effective. It not only helps your customer support team to work fast and effectively but also increases overall customer experience when they try to contact customer support for their queries. In most of the big companies it is seen that rather than having too many staff to do customer support you can keep most of the things and frequently asked questions automated by using CRM software. This in return saves cost and also provides a quality support to customer.


CRM System is a system by which customer interaction between your company and them is recorded in numerous of way. This allow company to  understand their customer interest and help them to do more sales effectively. For example

A WORKING CRM SYSTEM WILL HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES TO PLAN WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Like doing Phone campaign, doing mass email campaigns or doing customer support to multiple people at once by using bots to answer frequently asked questions.

What will happen if big companies don’t have CRM System At Place?

It will be hard for companies to know more about their customer like customer choices and interest. This will result in sales going down.


There are two types of CRM system available One Premise Based CRM system and Cloud Based CRM System


This system is best suited for companies that have strict security policy and don’t wanted other CRM companies to interfere with their company servers. In this type of system Licence for CRM software is purchased by company and then CRM software is installed on company servers. This requires company to invest its resources on its IT department to maintain the CRM system.



Here customer data is stored in server of vendor and the vendor guarantees the company to maintain the system and give support when needed. The main benefits of this system is that it can be easily accessible by the company from  anywhere in the world. This system is best for companies which is explained globally and at very fast rate as this system help their data to flow from one market to another easily without any delays.


Price of CRM software ranges anywhere from $30 per month per user to upto $1000+ per month based upon number of services the vendor is providing

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