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Why you should invest in bitcoins?

How to invest in bitcoins

So today most of the business are closing down and money is getting easily devalued day by day. Many people losing their jobs and economy is shrinking. Our currently economic situation is not very stable because of all these things. But still there is one thing that is also not stable and is very volatile that is crypto currency. Volatility of cryptocurrency makes it an excellent place to invest. As money is getting devalued everyday but cryptocurrency is made in such a way that it prevents mass inflation of its value by self controlling its supply automatically.

So why should you invest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is money of future as our conventional money like USD Euro Pounds their value depends upon country’s import exports and some other physical factors. Value of cryptocurrency is dependent on its supply. It’s supply is controlled by it’d demand as demand of cryptocurrency increases in market its supply decrease. Like recently blockchain block for bitcoins got halfed. This way many bitcoin experts predict that by the end of this year or in 18 months price of bitcoins should go above $20000 if its popularity remains the same. Those who don’t know bitcoins is the most popular cryptocurrency where people invest their money.

How to invest in bitcoins?

So to invest in bitcoins first you need to buy bitcoins. Bitcoins you can buy from many bitcoins exchanges like binance coinbase bitpay or directly from blockchain. There are many other trading sites too like LocalBitcoins paxful and more. On sites like these you can individually contact your buyer or seller and then have a deal with him. Sites like these charge minimum transaction fee and all transactions made are safe and 100% monitored by staff.

So once you have purchased bitcoins and if you are thinking of investing on bitcoins for your future then the best way to to keep your bitcoins secure is by keeping it on offline wallet. Most of the people who invest big amount of money in bitcoins prefer offline bitcoins wallet. They are also called hard wallets. They are preferred over online wallet as in offline wallet there is no way anyone can hack it and steal your savings .

So once you have purchased bitcoins and then stored in your bitcoin wallet only thing you have to do is to wait and watch your investment grow. Price of bitcoins changes everyday and as bitcoins block got half recently prices are definitely going up. Once price is up to a point you think selling your bitcoins will make you good profit then sell it via any good bitcoins exchange.

It is advise to invest minimum $3000-$5000 if you wanted to see great results on your investment. You can also just buy $10 worth of bitcoins for testing and watch it increase or decrease overnight. Most of the times price will go up only by few dollars everyday and if you have invested a really big sum then it may make you $100-150 easily overnight.

In bitcoins investment maturity period of at least 6 months is necessary and is advised by most of bitcoins experts. If you are keeping it for more than that time period then also it’s better as it prices will go up as time goes by.

If you don’t have money to invest in bitcoins but still wanted to be a part of cryptocurrency culture then you can mine your own bitcoins. To mine bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency you have to just create an account in any bitcoin mining site and start mining. Mining is a way by which you can make bitcoins easily. Many professional miners mine about $10000+ worth of bitcoins every day. To mine bitcoins you have to just setup bitcoins mining rig and let machine do the job. You just sit back and relax for results. Bitcoins mining can be done on your phone PC laptop or almost any electronic device that allows bitcoins mining software to run.

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